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Welcome to the S.O. Website. Here you will find pertinent info on the guild, it's members and recent activities. As always any are welcome to apply, only a few are selected. Though we don't block anyone from attempting entry, it requires a 100% approval guild vote, so your chances are slim.

Finally, if you were ever offered membership and left or held out, it has been rescinded and will never be offered again. Kinda- you screwed the pooch motto. ~ Stabs
Guild News

Item drop locations in Rift

TheStabarella, Aug 9, 11 4:51 PM.
Vita Springs Twilight- Red Lotus, Lut'Hirans Hammer of Barbarity, All Heartforgers
Umbra Rift-  Red Lotus, Lava Kings Trident, BloodMoon Necklace, All Types of Heartforgers
ThistleVillius- Lava Kings Trident, meteoric WarHammer, WindCutter (Crossbow), Proud Silars Dirk, Generals Frontier Axe, Blood Monks Cloak, Warship Slayer, Crystal Rod, Generals Symbol, DemonBane Hammer.
Ghost Colonies- Largynal Seal
Orcs By Farstrider Outpost- ?
BlackBeach- Lava King, Blood Monks Cloak
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